Afor gashum ume’unan
Nof yaldut shachor lavan
Kmo seret shemachzir
Oti bazman

Me’ir namal el rosh ha’har
Hageshem metaftef vekar
Mul chalon chayai haru’ach shar

Orot shel zichronot shmurim
Kolot ne’elamim chozrim
Po hayu hakadarim ba’im

Ma machzir oti lechan
Mashehu betochi muchan
Po hish’arti shever be’anan

Le’at um’eat hu noge’a kim’at
Magi’a elai chozer venimlat
Uche’ilu hazman ne’etzar vechozer le’achor
Le’at ve’od ktzat hu omer li she’at
Lo ra’it, lo shama’at, lo ratzit, lo yadat
Veachshav ze ani shemachzir et chayai le’atzmi

Shtikot, pchadim, gsharim, srufim
Tmunot urega’im tzrufim
Olim yordim afifonim afim

Levad ba’arafel sheli
Sagarti gam otach iti
At hayit sham velo ra’it oti

Od machsom kdey la’avor
Yeled ish muchan lachzor
Kan yaldut nish’eret me’achor

Ma machzir oti........


Grey, rainy, cloudy
Scenery of childhood black and white
Like in a movie
Brings me back in time

From a port city to the top of the mountain
The rain drizzles and is cold
In front of my life’s window the wind sings

Lights of guarded memories
Voices come and disappear
Here the Kadarim came
(a game played in Israel with two groups of people)

What brings me back here?
Something in me is ready
Here I left a crack in the cloud

Slowly and a little, it is almost touching
Reaches me and escapes again
And as time stopped and goes back
Slowly and a little it tells me that you
Didn’t see, didn’t hear, didn’t want, didn’t know
And now it is me who brings my life back to me

Silence, fears, bridges, burns
Pictures purified moments
Go up and down, kites are flying

Alone in my fog
I closed you too, together with me
You were there but you didn’t see me

Another barrier to cross
A man/child ready to come back
Childhood here stays behind

What brings me……..

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Yehuda Poliker
Yehuda Poliker
Yehuda Poliker
Ahava Al Tnai 2010 Track 10

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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