Ani lemalah achshav, hifsakti lipol
te'alem, titrachek,
tafsik kvar lish'ol
anan shachor me'uvak
gorem li lach'shov
mi lemalah hechlit
shezeh tov le'ehov?

Tarim t'arosh vetabit bi,
tagid shenigmar
atah batu'ach choshev,
ehyeh po machar
az lefachot teshaker,
tagid she'atah ohev
mamash k'mo mechonah
ein kesher lalev.

Az man yihyeh itcha
im hamis'chak shelcha
masach hahitalmut she'lo horeg otcha,
hu mechashel otcha
ein li ahava k'tana latet lecha
ein li ahava k'tana.

Avru chodashim me'az
holechet barechov
betoch hamon anashim ne'elamta,
zeh tov
tze meharosh sheli, ten menuchah
gashum vekar li
achshav hageshem itcha.

Az mah yihyeh itcha...

Ani lemalah achshav,
hifsakti lipol.


I am up now, I stopped falling
disappear, get away,
stop asking already
a blank black cloud
causes me to think
who up above decided
that it's good to love?

Lift your head and look at me,
tell me it's ended
you think surely
that I'll be here tomorrow
so at least lie,
tell me you love (me)
just like a machine,
no connection to the heart.

So what will be with you,
with your game
ignoring screen that doesn't kill you,
it strengthens you
I don't have a little love to give you
I don't have a little love.

Some months passed since,
I walk in the street
you disappeared among the crowd,
it's good
leave my head, let me rest
it's rainy and cold for me,
now the rain is with you.

So what will be with you...

I am up now,
I stopped falling.

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Dor Daniel
Dor Daniel
Shiri Maimon
Shiri Maimon Track 1

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