Mah at menasah lomar,
lo echpat li mah,
me'uchar kol kach achshav
ve'ein kan ahavah.
Mabatim nifgashim,
ve'anachnu shnei zarim.

At hayit yafah kol kach
az bamesibah,
ba'einaich hashtuyot
hits'at li ahavah,
ha'orot amumim,
ve'anachnu kvar ozvim.

Ruach bas'derah,
at kan letsidi,
laylah ya'avor
beveitech o beveiti,
yesh bah gam tikvah
she'at ha'achat shechipasti bedarki.

Aval ze sipur nosaf
shel ahavah ktsarah,
veha'esh sheba'arah
kim'at miyad kavtah.
Bli ke'ev, bli dma'ot,
kan dracheinu nifradot.

Shuv lama'agal
bo ani lachud,
ben lokeach bat
veroked itah rikud,
shuv mehatchalah
delet tipatach
uchshe'ekanes, leheichan ani nichnas?

Bli ke'ev, bli dma'ot
kan dracheinu nifradot. (x3)


What are you trying to say,
I don't care what,
it's quite late now
and there's no love here.
Stares meet,
and we're two strangers.

You were so pretty
back then at the party,
in your drunken eyes
you offered me love,
the lights are dim,
and we're already leaving.

A wind in the tree lane,
you're here by my side,
the night will pass
in your house or mine,
and in its touch
there's hope in it too
that you're the one I searched for on my path.

But that's an extra story
of a short love,
and the fire that burned
almost immediately burnt out.
Without pain, tears,
here are ways separate.

Again to the circle
that I'm captured in,
a son takes a daughter
and dances a dance with her,
again from the begining
the door will open
and when I will go in, where am I going to?

Without pain, tears,
here our ways separate. (x3)

Hebrew words

Meir Banai
Meir Banai
Meir Banai & Arkadi Duchin
Domino (Meir Banai) Track 2
Various CD's of Arkadi Duchin
Naftaly Kadosh (1992)
Demonstrated by Naftaly Kadosh

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