Badad, bamish'ol el ha'ayin
badad, banativ lelo chlum
badad, im hazman habore'ach
vehazman lo shoche'ach
lehatziv et hagvul

Badad, bli kaf yad melatefet
badad, lelo shechem yadid
badad, kama tov lo lada'at
sheyadech kvar noga'at
beyado shel acher

Chorus x2:
Badad elech - gam t'filah ein li
badad bli atid bli tikva bli chalom

Badad, kmo hashemesh endoda
badad, bamidbar halohet
badad, gam dma'ot hen rak hevel
shir mizmor ein lasevel
shir mizmor shel ilmim (imi).


Alone, on the way to the nothingness
Alone, on the path to nothing
Alone, as the time flies
time does not forget
to set the limits.

Alone, without a carressing hand
alone, without a friend's shoulder
Alone, how good it is not to know
that your hand is already touching
the hand of some other man.

Chorus x2:
Alone I will walk - with no prayer,
alone, without a future, hope or dream

Alone, I will wander like the sun,
alone, in the hot desert
Alone, even tears are vanity;
suffering has no song to it
a song of the mute (of my mother).

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Also sung by:
Chen Beniyan
Shimi Tavori
Shlomit Aharon

Amshi Levine
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Zohar Argov
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Ishai Levi
Glykeria and The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra In Concert Track 4
Zohar Argov - Greatest Hits Collection #3 Track 6
Avner Naim 1997

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Italian - singable translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Italian - singable


Da solo, sul sentiero per Niente.
Da solo, sulla Via del Non C'?.
Da solo, con il tempo fuggente,
ed il tempo lo sente
che poi finir?.

Da solo, non carezze da dare.
Da solo, senza amici con me.
Da solo, pi? non voglio pensare
che la tua mano, Amore,
di un altro sar?.

Da solo andr?,
non so pi? pregare,
da solo andr?,
il Domani non spero sognar.

Da solo, vagher? come il sole.
Da solo, nel deserto ch'? in me.
Da solo, cosa piangere vale?
A cantar ci? che duole,
quel che non torner??

Da solo andr?...

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