Yesh sha'ot lemashal bein ha'arbayim
yesh rega'im lemashal hatovim
yesh bnei zonot
politikaim veganavim.
Yesh mekomot lemashal sheshachachti
lamrot shehayiti bahem
yesh havtachot lemashal shehivtachti
ve'lo akayem.

Mah lach'shov lemashal bein ha'arbaim
mah lashir lach ahuvati.
Loke'ach t'agitarah um'nagen lach derech
hayadaim et nishmati.

Yesh sha'ot lemashal bein ha'arbayim
yesh b'karim shehe'art oti bin'shikot
yesh zikaron echad betoch eizeh kayitz
dei rachok
ech ratzi pa'am bein arbaim
acharaich k'mo pirchachim
tov, ahavah rishonah bachaim, lo shochachim.

Mah lach'shov...

Yesh sha'ot lemashal bein ha'arbayim
yesh samim shenotnim lehamonim
yesh mekomot lemashal kemo bayit shechozrim.
Yesh mekomot bahem hayinu shnataim,
yesh mekomot nish'arnu dakot,
yesh chalomot shechalamti alaich
ve'lo ezkor.

Mah lach'shov...


There are hours for example between the twilight
there are for example the good moments
there are sons of b*tches
politicians and thieves.
There are places for example that I forgot
despite being in them
there are promises for example that I promised
and I won't fulfill.

What to think for example between the twilights
what to sing to you, my love.
I take the guitar and play my soult (out)
for you using my hands.

There are hours for example between the twilights,
mornings that you woke me up with kisses
there is one memory in the middle of a summer
quite far
how I ran once between the twilights
after you like sea-urchins (do)
good, first love in a life is not forgotten.

What to think...

There are hours for example between the twilights
there are drugs that are given to masses
there are places like home that one returns to.
There are places we were in for two years,
there are places we stayed minutes,
there are dreams I dreamt of you
and I can't/won't remember.

What to think...

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Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Pablo Rosenberg
Pablo Rosenberg & Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Ahavtihem CD Track 2
Yaron Malichi

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