Hi haytah chazakah mehachoref
hi haytah chazakah misufah
litzmo'ach miklum shehayah lah
zeh sod hako'ach shelah
et libah hi shamrah bekasefet
et gufah hi shamrah le'atzmah
hi ro'ah o ulai mitalemet
mimah shekoreh biglalah.

Mitoch olamot sh'vurim
hi tzomachat
leilot shlemim
hi rokemet
kol mah sheyikreh lah

Ufit'om yom echad hu higi'a
k'mo el she'alah min hayam
et kol kochoteiha natnah lo
libah hitorer mi'ei sham
aval ahuvah k'mo hamayim
nag'a bechofim vechazar
achshav ahavah hi yoda'at
ke'ev she'eino nigmar.

Mitoch olamot sh'vurim...


She was stronger than winter
She was stronger than the storm.
Rising up from nothing
Here is the secret of her strength
Her heart, she preciously locked it up in a safe
And her body, she kept it jealously.
She understands and sometimes closes her eyes
On what is happening because of her.

In the middle of broken worlds
She rises up.
All nights long
She spins the web
Of what could happen to her.

And then a day he appeared
Like a God rising up from the sea.
She gave him all her strengths
Her heart woke up from somewhere
But her love was like water
Which reaches the shores and goes away.
Now she knows love is
a suffering that will never end.

In the middle of broken worlds...

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Esther Shamir
Korin Allal
Korin Allal
Gali Atari
Ornah Banai

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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