Ha'esh mefatzachat z'radim bid'mamah,
mash'chir hakafeh bafinjan -
sipur (gam) nesaper vesipur gam nishm'a,
chadash uch'muvan gam yashan.

Im yesh min chizbat asher ish, mishum mah,
eineno chafetz/rotzeh k'lal lishmo'a,
yeshnam atikim,
sheyeinam meshumar -
nak'shiv aleihem bivli no'a.

Haru'ach ro'eshet,
gachelet locheshet,
veleil aleinu yarad.
Me'erev ad shachar,
saper lanu acha,
saper na, saper na chizbat...

Saper nesaper al kibush Bir el Chart,
al leil hak'ravot shechalaf -
eich Yoseleh Chasah mish'losh me'ot yard
horid beleil choshech tzalaf...

Ach, chevreh, ez'korah et Tzike bak'rav,
d'rucha minei rosh ad kaf regel,
haytah chavuvah k'mo tapu'ach bastav,
haytah atzumah vehoreget...

Haru'ach ro'eshet...

Niz'kor eich
beleil hapritzah le'Atlit,
paratznu, agav, lamit'bach,
achat hasibot shenat'nu lehach'lit,
shebetach hayah sham palma"ch...

Atem od zochrim: bashabat hash'chorah,
beslik(?) lechomrei topografiah,
hasliker(?) nish'kach...uvevo yom orah,
matz'u shamah rak fotografiah...

Haru'ach ro'eshet...

Niz'kor et mas'a hap'lugah bamid'bar,
ve'odem d'likot al hahar,
niz'kor et otah haz'chilah leradar,
niz'kor eich echad lo chazar...

Ach yom od yavo veha'esh od til'hat,
vesahar yashut al bateinu
us'viv ham'durah,
k'tzat chizbat, k'tzat chizbat,
ulai yesapru gam aleinu...

Haru'ach ro'eshet...


The fire splits sprigs silently
The coffee darkens in the pot
A story will be told, a story be heard
A new story and of course an old one

If there is a tall tale, that man for some reason
Is not willing/wishing to hear
There are the ancient ones
whose wine is preserved
We will listen to them with no motion

The wind is noisy
The ambers are whispering
And the night is drawing upon us
From evening to dawn,
tell us oh! brother
Tell oh!, tell oh! The tall tale....

Tell we will tell about the conquer of Bir El Chart
about the night of battles that passed by-
how Yoseleh Chasah from three hundred yards
in the dark night cut down the sharpshooter

Oh gang, I will remember Tzipke in the battle
tense from head to toe
She was cute as an apple in the fall
She was great and killing

The wind is noisy...

We'll remember how
on the night of the break-through to Atlit
We broke, by the way, into the kitchen
One reason they let us decide
for sure there were guys from the Palmach

You still remember: on black Sabbath
in the cache of Topography Materials
the “cacher “ was forgotten, and with day light
they found only photography

The wind is noisy...

We'll remember the company trek in the desert
And the redness of the fires on the ridge
We'll remember the water crossing to the Radar
We'll remember as one did not made it back

But the day will come and the fire will blaze
And crescent will sail over our houses
And around the fire,
a bit of tall tale, bit of tall tale
And maybe they will tell about us

The wind is noisy...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Chaim Hefer
Moshe Wilensky
Yaffa Yarkoni
Moadon Hateatron
Shlomo Maman

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Hagai Halamish of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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