Hayom achot hi milchamteinu
lachen rachok ani mikan
tachogi na et p'gishateinu
bemitbacheinu hakatan.

Al m'komi sheb'chartihu
tarimi yayin m'lo kosit
tiri mi ilu/ke'ilu zeh ani hu
yoshev itach k'mo tamid.

Ha'amini yom yavo
tov yihyeh, mavti'ach lach
lechabek otach avo
vehakol ash(k)i'ach lach.

Etmol lape'ulah yatzanu
ad le'ashmoret rishonah
hayom shakatnu venirg'anu
umachsifah ko hal'vanah.

Et p'gishati itach zacharti
vesimlatech hayerukah
halailah tov li, ko amarti
ki at krovah mi/li rechokah.

Chorus (x2)

K'shenovchim piyot has'tenim
hamargemot ne'enachot
az machshav'ti ta'avireni
elaich re'a ve'achot.

Ve'az ed'a - lakrav yesh ta'am
af ki ham'chir yakar me'od
k'dei sheyom yavo ei pa'am
nuchal lin'shom po velichyot!

Chorus (x2)

Ve'im tavo balev atzevet
zikfi harosh, chazki halev
ki od elaich ha'ohevet
yach'zor hazeh, asher ohev.

Ve'im sh'natech itim nodedet
pazmi hashir ze hakatan
vetishme'i mizmor moledet
betza'adai al hamiftan.

Chorus (x2)


Today it's our war, sister
therefore I am far from here.
Celebrate our meeting
in our little kitchen.

In my chosen place
put a full glass of wine
rejoice as thought I
sit with you as always.

Believe it a day will come
It'll be good, I promise you
I'll come to embrace you
and make you forget everything.

Yesterday we went out to action
until the first watch of the night
today we were quiet and calm
and the moon is so silvery.

I remembered my meeting with you
and your green dress
tonight I feel good, I said
for you are near from far away.

Chorus (x2)

When the mouths of the devils are barking
the mortars sigh and groan
then I bring my thought
to you, bad but a sister.

And then I'll know - the battle has a taste
even though the price is very dear
so that a day will come sometime
we'll be able to breathe here and live!

Chorus (x2)

And if sadness is in your heart,
lift up your head, take courage
for this one that loves will return to you, beloved.

And if your sleep eludes you at times
hum this little tune
and you will hear a song of the homeland
in my footsteps on the threshold.

Chorus (x2)

Hebrew words
Italian singable translation   

The source book is "Bekol Ram" pages 78-79
The Shiron of the Youth and Hechalutz Department of the WZO, Jerusalem
Year not specified.
Selected and prepared for publication by Uri Cohen and Zvi Ben-Porat

Rafael Klachkin
Menasheh Baharev
Yaffa Yarkoni
Shoshanah Damari
Moshe Twilee

Words transliterated and translated by Aura Levin Lipski of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Italian singable translation translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Italian singable translation


Scrivo dal fronte sul diario,
da te lontano, cara, ma
nel giorno dell'anniversario
festeggia come io fossi l?.

accanto al posto al tavolino
metti una sedia anche per me,
metti un bicchiere pien di vino,
come se fossi insieme a te.

Credi cara, torner?,
ti prometto e tu vedrai:
un abbraccio ti dar?,
tutto il male scorderai.

E se ti vince la tristezza
su con la testa, forza al cuor,
da qui ti mando una carezza
un ricordo dell'amor.

se resti sveglia nel tuo letto
prova a cantare e tu saprai
che rifaremo il duetto
quando alla soglia mi vedrai.

Credi cara, torner?...

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