Hayamim habaim ba'avir nisa'im
tziporim nodedot be'anan
ba'avir nisa'im hayamim habaim
mi yode'a le'an.

Et hanesher do'eh
nif'tachim lefanav hashamaim
vehanesher ro'eh netivei ha'avir vehamayim
Et hanesher do'eh
ein g'vulot lemer'chav haraki'a
ko atzil vege'eh, im gam sheva yit'eh,
hu yagi'a.

Vehayamim hahem hem ko k'rovim
uch'var oleh ha'or bein he'avim
hineh yamim baim k'mo bashirim
uch'var ro'im otam hanesharim.

Hayamim habaim ba'avir nisa'im
va'anachnu nuchal lir'otam
ba'avir nisa'im hayamim habaim
od nig'a beyadam.

Et hanesher do'eh
lashalvah lad'mamah velat'chelet
lo yapilu oto hak'valim hachomot vehamelet
k'mo hanesher hazeh
et k'nafeinu nif'ros venamri'ah
im nakum venetze, na'amin venir'tzeh,
od nagi'a.

Vehayamim hahem...


The coming days are carried in the air
birds wander in a cloud
carried in the air are the coming days
who knows where to.

When the eagle hovers
the heavens open in front of him
and the eagle seas the paths of air and water
When the eagle hovers
there's no limit to the width of the sky
so noble and proud, even if he errs seven-fold,
he shall arrive.

And those days are so close
and already the light rises between the clouds
here the days come like in the songs
and already one sees the eagles.

The coming days are carried in the air
and we'll be able to see them
carried in the air are the coming days
we shall yet touch their hands.

When the eagle hovers
to tranquility, silence and the azure
chains, walls nor mortar shall not make him fall
like this eagle,
we'll spread our wings and take off
if we get up and go out, believe and will it,
we shall yet get (there.)

And those days...

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Yoram Teharlev
Yoram Chaimov
Haim Moshe

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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