Ani holech elaich kol yamay,
ani holech elaich mesunuar.
Ha'avanim potz'ot et kapotai,
aval ani eini margish davar.

Ani chozer me'eretz lo zru'ah,
moshit yadi lil'tof et se'arech.
Hineni kan, ach k'mo yonah p'tzuah,
ani nofel tamid mul she'arech.

Hineni kan, k'mo tziporim chagot,
hineni kan, mabit min hagagot;
hineni kan, k'mo even bagader,
k'mo sel'a, k'mo be'er -
ani ha'ish asher tamid chozer, chozer.

Ani chozer be'elef gilgulim,
ani nazir, ben melech vekabtzan,
uvaleilot biv'kot hashu'alim
ani cholem ve'er bach bo bazman.

Ani ro'eh otach harechokah,
k'mo nesichah sh'vuyah bamigdalim,
bein soragim yoshevet umechakah
Elohim, ha'elohim g'dolim.

Hineni kan...

Ve'at chikit, k'mo ha'avanim,
uch'mo habor, lehelech bamidbar;
z'richot rakot nashku otach panim,
sh'kiot kvedot nashku otach tzavar.

Kach raitich yoshevet/omedet umetzapah,
uve'enaich or ve'etzev rav,
kach lakachtich iti el hachupah,
at hayechefah im keter shel zahav.

Hineni kan...


I walk to you all of my days,
I walk to you dazzled.
The rocks wound my feet
but I don't feel a thing.

I'm returning from an unsown land,
I extend my hand to stroke your hair.
I am here, but like a wounded dove,
I always fall in front of your gate.

I am here, like circling birds,
I am here, looking from the roofs;
I am here, like a stone in the fence,
like a rock, like a well -
I am the one who always returns, returns.

I return in a thousand rolls,
I am a monk, son of a king and a beggar,
and at night in the cry of the foxes
I dream and awake to you in time.

I see you in the distance,
like a captured princess in a tower,
behind bars sitting and waiting
Oh God, the great gods.

I am here...

And you waited, like the rocks,
and like the pit, for a desert wanderer;
soft sunrises kissed your face,
heavy sunsets kissed your neck.

I saw you sitting/standing and waiting so,
and in your eyes, a light and great sorrow,
In this way I took you with me
to the wedding canopy, you're the barefooted one with a crown of gold.

I am here...

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Chaim Hefer
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Harel Skaat
Yoel Sharabi
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Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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