Latet et han'shama ve'et halev,
latet, latet kshe'ata ohev.
Ve'ech motz'im et hahevdel
shebein lakachat ulekabel,
od tilmad latet, latet...

Legalot sodot beseter,
lehatir et s'vach hakesher,
k'shehalev b'cha nitzbat
mikol chiyuch, mikol mabat

Ata nizhar, ata yode'a
vechutz mimcha ish lo shome'a
pose'a bein hadakuyot
umemale sha'ot p'nuyot.

Latet et han'shama ve'et halev
latet kshe'ata ohev
od tilmad latet, latet

Besof kol hadrachim
me'achorei hahar
tz'lilim she'lo nishma
milim she'lo nomar
ha'ahavah hi kol echad
ha'osher hu kol davar
uch'shehalev er - halev shar
al kol hatov she'od nish'ar banu
al kol mah she'adain lo
shachachnu o she'od lo kanu
sh'vilim ko mukarim
mar'ot she'lo nir'u
yamim tovim yavo'u
k'shenavi otam
einaim yipak'chu


Ata lomed im hashanim
livnot beyachad binyanim,
lichyot im kol hashinuyim.
lirkom ita sipur chayim
vela'avor yamim kashim
bim'tzukot verigushim
tamid lada'at levater
ve'et hata'am leshamer.


Lir'ot betoch han'fila,
sheyesh makom lim'chila
tamid efshar shuv lehatchil,
kmo yom chadash, kmo karagil.


Od nilmad latet, latet


To give the soul and the heart,
to give, to give when you love.
And however one finds the difference
between taking and receiving
You will yet learn to give, to give...

To discover secrets [in secret]
To release the tangle of connection
When your heart is pinched
By every smile, every look

You are careful, you know,
And aside from you, no one hears
Walking a fine line, trying not to offend
And filling the free time

To give the soul and the heart
to give when you love
you will yet learn to give, to give

At the end of all roads
behind the mountain there are
sounds that we won't hear
words we won't say
the love is everyone
the bliss is every thing
and when our heart is awake - it sings
about all the good that still remains in us
about all that we have not yet
forgotten or acquired
unknown paths
unseen sights
good days shall come
when we bring them
eyes shall be opened


You learn with the years
to build buildings together
to live with all the changes.
To weave, with her, a life story
and to get through difficult days
in distress and troubled times
to always know how to give in,
and to savour the taste.


To see in the midst of the fall,
that there is room for forgiveness
it's always possible to start again
Like a new day, like the usual - to give


We will yet learn to give, to give...

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Words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Italian - singable translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Italian - singable


Darai, Il cuore e l’anima darai.
Quando davvero amerai
che differenza puoi trovare
c’? tra il ricevere e il pigliare.
Imparerai di certo a dare.

Il segreto scopri, e il modo
come sciogliere quel nodo,
se il cuor batte all’improvviso
per uno sguardo ed un sorriso.

Cammini silenziosamente,
non c’? nessuno che ti sente
e tra le gocce vai per ore,
attento a non far rumore.


Con lei tu impari lentamente
Ad assuefarti ai cambiamenti,
dal niente case innalzare,
la vostra vita ricamare.
Passar quei giorni ‘meno buoni’
tra ristrettezze ed emozioni
ed imparare a rinunciare,
ma ‘quel sapore’ conservare.


Quando succede di sbagliare,
c’? sempre tempo a perdonare,
c’? sempre modo di sperare
che si potr? rincominciare.

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