Hineh ani shar lach at rokedet
Tistakli eizeh yofi
Hineh at koveshet et rachvat harikudim.
Kol hachaverot shelach rotzot eze gever kamoni
Kol hachaverim shei rotzim rak la’asot chayim

Malachit, at sheli, velo af achat acheret
Rak itach ani agshim et hachalom
Mal’achit at sheli ve’oti at mevalbelet
Rak beyachad nenatze’ach et hakol

Roked al habama ve’ani shar veze tamid rak elayich
Ha’enayim hachumot ha’eleh meshag’ot oti
Ro’e et hamilim she’ani shar yotz’ot meben sfatayich
Ve’yode’a shezo at sheteshane li et hachayim

Malachit, at sheli,…..


Here I sing for you and you dance
Look how beautiful it is
Here you conquer the dance floor
All your friends want a man like me
All my friends just want to have a good time

Angelica, you are mine, and no one else is
Only with you I will fulfill the dream
Angelica, you are mine, and you confuse me
Only together we will win over everything

I dance on the stage and I sing, and it is always to you
These brown eyes drive me crazy
I see the words I sing come out of your lips
And I know you are the one to change my life

Angelica, you are mine………

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Ziv Rubinstein
Ziv Rubinstein
Shlomi Shabat
Ani Shar Elaich Track 4
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Rafi Ziv
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