Meharega shebo partzah lelibo
henichah teruf al einav
vekach lo shaket hu hechel meshotet
milmel milim shel zahav
oh, oh nehederet achshav
oh, oh nehederet achshav

Vekach mechushaf heni'ach s'fatav
uba elav ta'am gufah
ve'az hu yad'a shelanetzach itah
azav kol davar mil'vadah

Oh, oh nehederet alai
oh, oh nehederet alai

Tni li lir'ot otach mit'pashetet muli
tni lehargish et harega shebo tihi sheli
bo'i ki kar achshav
she'at lo iti
mul hamukar haragu'a
at za'azu'a
tni li lir'ot rak otach, rak otach, rak otach

Bein milim achadot lelo chashashot
hanichi yadech haktanah
uvo'i elai mechakeh ad bli dai
kotev lach shirei ahavah

Oh, oh nehederet elai
oh, oh nehederet elai

Tni li lir'ot otach mit'pashetet muli...



From the moment that she burst in his heart
she placed madness upon his eyes
and thus not silently he began wandering
mutter words of gold
oh, oh she's wonderful now
oh, oh she's wonderful now

And thus bewitched he placed his lips
and the taste of her body came to him
and then he knew that with her he will be forever,
neglecting everything except her

Oh, oh she's wonderful for me
Oh, oh she's wonderful for me

Let me see you undress in front of me
let me feel the moment when you'll be mine
come because it's cold now
when you're not with me
in front of the familiar and the calm
you are shocking
let me see only you, only you, only you

Between sharp words that are not apprehensive
place your little hand
and come to me, I await you forever
writing you love songs

Oh, oh wonderful to me
oh, oh wonderful to me

Let me see you undress in front of me

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Yosi Brosh & Alex Topol
Alex Topol & Gabi Zeiger
Yetziat Cherum
Nona Malki 2007
Avi and Nona Malki
Avi and Nona Malki

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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