Od ach echad yarad el hakever
Vemama bocha hee betza'akot shever
Od ach echad yarad el hakever
Et ze'akot aba shom'im mikol ever

Ben adam, lama ze libcha kemo kerach
Ha'im ne'heneh ata lihiyot lerotze'ach
Ozna'im hashom'ot eyumim mipicha
Madu'a tedaber kach,
Ani achicha

Kol tzad to'en sherak etzlo ha'emet
Uvechol yom she'over
Od chaf mipesha met
Horeg anashim, lo echpat lecha klal
Lirot bevney adam, eich ata mesugal?
Ima ko'evet ve'od yeled yatom
Vehamidracha shuv betzeva adom
Hachayim chashuvim hem
Uva'aley erech
Retzach ve'hereg zo einena haderech

Od ach echad....

Yeled ma kore lecha, eich hishtaga'ata
Le'eize matzav, achi tir'eh, hega'ata
Lo me'anyen otcha, hakol kvar mutar
Ba'einayim shelcha mabat afel vekar
Tachshov al ha'atid, ve'al yom hamachar
Lenasot ve'leshanot af pa'am lo me'uchar
Kol am yisrael, dai lekol ha'alimut
Lo rotzeh lir'ot od ben adam sheyamut

Negaleh rachamim, negaleh rachmanut
Bimkom lehitchamem, negaleh chamimut
Kol dam she'nishpach
Motir shoval reikanut
Ube'ad artzenu tov lichyot
Lo lamut

Od ach echad...

Ulai hegi'aa et lish'ol she'elot
Kmo kama zman nuchal kach lehamshich
Veha'im hamilchama shebagvulot
Meha'alimut she'et chayeynu meshateket
Nir'eh she'hametach po
Af pa'am lo nigmar
Fishi hagadol haya ze she'amar
Shekulanu shavim besofo shel davar
Az madu'a ze et ze nashiv el afar..?


Another brother has gone to the grave
And mother is crying in a broke voice
One more brother has gone to the grave
You can hear father calling out from everywhere

Man, why is your heart cold as ice?
Are you enjoying being a murderer?
Ears that hear threats from you,
Why would you talk like that,
I am your brother

Each side claims they hold the truth
And everyday that passes
Another innocent dies
Killing people, you don't even care
How can you shoot human beings?
Mother hurts and another child is an orphan
And the sidewalk is once again red
Life are important
And valuable
Murder and killing is not the way.

One more brother...

Boy what's going on, how you've become crazy
To what state, look bro, you got in
You don't care, everything is allowed
A cold and dark look in your eyes
Think about the future and tomorrow,
To try and change, it's never too late
All of israel, enough with the violence
I don't want to see another man dies

We'll show mercy, we'll show compassion
Instead of warming up, we'll show some warmth
Every drop of blood (that is being spilled)
Leaves a trail of emptiness
And for our country is good to live,
Not to die....

Another brother has gone to the grave

Maybe the time to ask question is now
Like for how long can we continue
To live like this
And is the war at the borders
Is not connected
To the violence which paralyzes our lives
It seems that the tension here
Never stops
Fishi hagadol was the one who said
That we are all equal in the end,
So why is it that we return
One another into dust?

Hebrew words

"Ube'ad artzenu tov lichyot lo lamut" - and for our country is good to live not to die,
Originally "tov lamut be'ad artzenu" - it is good to die for our country, the final words of Joseph Trumpeldor.

Fishi Hagadol, Hadag Nachash
Fishi Hagadol
Hadag Nachash
Fishi Hagadol

Words transliterated and translated by Yuval Peleg of Tel Aviv, Israel.
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