Ohevet lo ohevet kol hazman sho'el
lemah hi mitkavenet ulai zeh rak her'gel
yotze itah hachutzah hi ochezet beyadi
poched she'hi telech ve'az esha'er levadi

Hi amrah li im tavin
she'rak atah ve'ein sheni
titen li makom belib'cha
ohevet rak otcha
hi amrah aval etzli
sham beini levein atzmi
yesh de'agot haloch vashov
rotzeh otah karov

Ohevet lo ohevet hapachad mish'talet
hi ba'ah o hi ozevet
einenah o nimtzet
choshev al zeh bakayitz bachoref
lo nir'dam
hazman over ve'hi iti
adain kan

Shuv omeret...


She loves, she doesn't love, I ask all the time
what does she mean, maybe it's just a habit
I go outside with her, she holds my hand
I'm scared she'll go and then I'll remain alone

She told me: if I'll understand
that it's just you and there's no other
give me a place in your heart
I love only you
she said but for me
there are between me and myself
worries 'to there and back'
I want her close

She loves, she doesn't love, the fear takes control
she comes or she returns
she's not or she is (here)
I think about this in the summer in the winter
I don't sleep
time passes and she's with me
still here

Again saying...

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Arkadi Duchin
Arkadi Duchin
Arkadi Duchin

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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