el ha'ir shvu'yat hachalom
tzel ka'ved vazar hegi'ach
veyare'ach be'adom
et malchuto taval befi'ach

mi shelo atzam et einav
et leilo hamar ka'av hu
dumiyat kni'aa bli krav
ish et nishko natzar ad mavet

eich al prag shachar lo baka
bashlisheet kala kocho
eich nadam kol kikar homa bechag
shir shechalamti al prag
shir shechalamti al prag
sham hashachar od yivka
sham hashachar od yivka

kmo tatzlum yashan matz'hiv
'eer shel refa'im mutelet
leraglei dubim chershim
u'betzavara hama'achelet

et pitcho ish lo yotze
rei'ach geta'ot malu'ach
mika'tze ve'ad ka'tze
al pnei ha'ir nisa baru'ach

eich al prag shachar lo baka...

rak hasheket ba notar
ish tza'ir chomek lefeta
az ala lo or muzar
sham bechikar ha'ir shemeta

shir shechalamti al prag...


on the dreaming city
a heavy and unfamiliar shadow has emerged
and the moon is in red
dipped his glory in soot

he who did not close his eyes
hurt the bitter night
silence of surrender with no battle
men locked their weapons till death

how on prague the dawn never came
on the third it's power was gone
how quiet the busy square had become
a song i've been dreaming of prague
a song i've been dreaming of prague
there the dawn would come
there the dawn would come

like an old yellow photo
a city of ghosts rests
at the foot of deaf bears
and to her neck the slaughtering knife

no one leaves home
salty smell of ghettos
from one edge to the other
carried by the wind throughout the town

how on prague the dawn never came...

only the silence is left in her
a young man suddenly evades
then a strange light arose
there, at the dead city square

a song i've been dreaming of prague..

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Shalom Hanoch
Shalom Hanoch
Arik Einstein
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Words transliterated and translated by Yuval Peleg of Tel Aviv, Israel.
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