Hashir hayefeyfe hahu hu mechonat hazman sheli
Lo pa’am sheliva oti achora im pizmon
Hi rokedet sham yafe al admat pardes patu’ach
Hit’ahavti vehafachti et hasher et hasher lezikaron

Yesh shir acher oto kasha li ktzat lishmo’a
Yesh bo osher uche’ev shehaya li ita
Kama kef lamangina shegoremet li lidmo’a
Halev dofek maher midai badelet shel beita

Et shir hashairim sheli adayin lo katavti
Ve’at shir she’adayin lo nichtav
Chalom ve’od chalom ani agshim li benatayim
Ve’at shir she’adayin lo nichtav

Lashir ha’ahuv alai nidbak ani kol boker
Velif’amim to’e eich lo nichtav hu al yadi
Bayit shel shir acher natan li et ha’ometz
Lageshet el libech velifto’ach et libi

Manginot , manginot hen mechonat hazman sheli
Lo pa’am shelivu oti achora im pizmon
El hakfar shebatzafon el lehavot ha’ach
El rega’im romanti’im sheli veshelach

Et shir hashairim……

Vehayamim cholfim ovrim ani od bechipusai
Achar shir hashirim vena’arat chalomotai
Uvemabat katan avin shekol ze meyutar
Ulai ahavat chayai hi hamilim hatzlilim vehametar

Et shir hashairim…….


That beautiful song is my time machine
It escorted me back with the chorus more than once
She dances there beautifully on an open Orchard’s ground
I fell in love and turned the song to a memory

There is another song, a bit hard to listen to
There is happiness and pain I had with her
Its great how this melody makes me shed a tear
The heart beats too fast at her door

I haven’t written yet the song of my songs
And you are a song not written yet
Meanwhile I will keep on fulfilling my dreams
And you are a song not written yet

Every morning I cling to my favorite song
And wonder sometimes how it wasn’t written by me
A verse from another song gave me the courage
To approach your heart and open mine

Melodies, melodies are my time machine
They escorted me back with the chorus more than once
To the village up North, to the flames of the fire place
To our romantic moments

My song of songs………

Days go by and I am still looking
After the song of songs and the girl of my dreams
With a small look I will understand it is in vein
Maybe the love of my life is the words, the sounds the cords

My song of songs………

Hebrew words

Omri Glikman
Omri Glikman
Hatikva 6
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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