Yemei Ha'Chanukah
Chanukat mikdasheinu.

Begil uvesimchah
Nemaleh et libeinu.

Laila vayom, svivoneinu yisov.
Suvganiyot nochal bam larov.

Ha-a-iru, had'liku,
Neirot Chanukah rabim.
Al hanisi'im
Ve'al hanifla'o-ot
Asher cholelu haMaccabim.

(repeat last three lines)


Singable English version 

English Versions:

O Chanukah, O Chanukah
A time to remember.
A joyful, jolly holiday that comes in December
Every day for eight days, dreidels will spin,
Crispy little latkes, tasty and thin.

And nightly, so brightly,
The candles of Chanukah glow.
One for each night,
They shed a sweet light,
To remind us of days long ago.

(repeat last three lines)

O Chanukah O Chanukah,
Come light the menorah.
Let's have a party,
We'll all dance the hora.

Gather round the table, we'll give you a treat
Dreydels to play with and latkes to eat,
And while we are playing,
the candles are burning low.

One for each night, they shed a sweet light
to remind us of days long ago (2x)

ימי החנוכה

Hebrew words
Yiddish (transliterated)   

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Avraham Avrunin
The Feast Of Chanukah (2002) Track 7
3 dances

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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Yiddish (transliterated)


Oy Chanukah oy Chanukah,
A yontif a sheiner,
A lustiker a freylicher
Nito noch a zeyner.

Alle nacht in dreydlech shpiln mir
Zudik hesse latkes essen mir
Geshvinder tsindt kinder
di Chanukah lichtelech on.

Zol yeder bazunder bazingen dem vunder
un tantzen freylech in kohn (2x)

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