Kol hagvarim she'bashchuna
Eilai nos'im einayim
Omrim yafa at kmo t'muna
Kmo shemesh bein arbayim

V'chulam porsim li reshet
V'chulam rotzim, rotzim
Ach ani rak mevakeshet Rachamim!

Rachamim, ya Rachamim
Tistakel v'ayin sim
V'ulai tasim gam lev
Eich b'kerem t'lavlev
Shoshanah bein hachochim
Bishvilcha ya Rachamim,
Bishvilcha ya Rachamim!

Kulam shorkim li bachalon
Ani eini shoma'at
Etzli halev kmo telefon
Sheb'lishkat hasa'ad
Tafus mizeh chodshayim
Ein kesher, ein kavim
V'chulam al habirkayim

Rachamim, ya Rachamim . . .

Ach im eitzei l'lo manos
Raglai holchot eilecha
Hoy, Rachamim, matai tifros
Alai et rachamecha
Az neitzei lar'chov b'yachad
Chabukim k'zug yonim
Va'ani kuli zorachat

All the men in the neighborhood
Raise their eyes to me
They say "You're pretty, like a picture,
Like the sun at twilight."
They all cast their net for me
And they all long for me
But I only want Rachamim!

Rachamim, oh Rachamim
Look at me
And maybe you'll also notice
How in the vineyard** will blossom -
A rose among the thorns
For you, Rachamim,
For you, Rachamim!

Everyone whistles to me at the window
But me, I don't hear
My heart is like a telephone
Ringing in the Welfare office
Busy for two months already,
No connection, no lines
And everyone's on their knees

Rachamim, oh Rachamim . . .

But when I go out, inescapably,
My feet walk towards you.
Oh, Rachamim, when will you
spread your mercy over me?
Then we'll go out to the street together
Hugging like a pair of doves
And I would be radiant with joy


Translator's note:
* Rachamim is a man's name and also means Mercy.

** Kerem means vineyard - but here it might mean
a Tel Aviv neighborhood, Kerem HaTeimanim (the Yemenite vineyard)

LYRICS Yechiel Mohar
MUSIC Moshe Wilenski
SINGER Ofra Haza on the record "Adama"
  Adama - Earth  Track 8

  Words transliterated and translated by Malka Tishler of New York
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