73:1 A Psalm of Asaph. Surely God is good to Israel, even to such as are pure in heart.

73:2 But as for me, my feet were almost gone; my steps had well nigh slipped.

73:3 For I was envious at the arrogant, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

73:4 For there are no pangs at their death, and their body is sound.

73:5 In the trouble of man they are not; neither are they plagued like men.

73:6 Therefore pride is as a chain about their neck; violence covereth them as a garment.

73:7 Their eyes stand forth from fatness; they are gone beyond the imaginations of their heart.

73:8 They scoff, and in wickedness utter oppression; they speak as if there were none on high.

73:9 They have set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.

73:10 Therefore His people return hither; and waters of fullness are drained out by them.

73:11 And they say: 'How doth God know? And is there knowledge in the Most High?'

73:12 Behold, such are the wicked; and they that are always at ease increase riches.

73:13 Surely in vain have I cleansed my heart, and washed my hands in innocency;

73:14 For all the day have I been plagued, and my chastisement came every morning.

73:15 If I had said: 'I will speak thus', behold, I had been faithless to the generation of Thy children.

73:16 And when I pondered how I might know this, it was wearisome in mine eyes;

73:17 Until I entered into the sanctuary of God, and considered their end.

73:18 Surely Thou settest them in slippery places; Thou hurlest them down to utter ruin.

73:19 How are they become a desolation in a moment! They are wholly consumed by terrors.

73:20 As a dream when one awaketh, so, O L-rd, when Thou arousest Thyself, Thou wilt despise their semblance.

73:21 For my heart was in a ferment, and I was pricked in my reins.

73:22 But I was brutish, and ignorant; I was as a beast before Thee.

73:23 Nevertheless I am continually with Thee; Thou holdest my right hand.

73:24 Thou wilt guide me with Thy counsel, and afterward receive me with glory.

73:25 Whom have I in heaven but Thee? And beside Thee I desire none upon earth.

73:26 My flesh and my heart faileth; but God is the rock of my heart and my portion for ever.

73:27 For, lo, they that go far from Thee shall perish; Thou dost destroy all them that go astray from Thee.

73:28 But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the L-rd GOD my refuge, that I may tell of all Thy works.

Hebrew Transliteration

73:1 mizmor le'âsâph 'akh thobh leyisrâ'êl 'elohiym lebhârêy lêbhâbh

73:2 va'aniy kim`ath nâthuy [nâthâyu] raghlây ke'ayin shuppekhâh [shuppekhu]'ashurây

73:3 kiy-qinnê'thiy baholeliym shelom reshâ`iym 'er'eh

73:4 kiy'êyn chartsubboth lemothâm ubhâriy' 'ulâm

73:5 ba`amal 'enosh 'êynêmove`im-'âdhâm lo' yenuggâ`u

73:6 lâkhên `anâqathmo gha'avâh ya`athâph-shiythchâmâs lâmo

73:7 yâtsâ' mêchêlebh `êynêmo `âbheru maskiyyoth lêbhâbh

73:8 yâmiyqu viydhabberu bherâ` `osheq mimmârom yedhabbêru

73:9 shattubhashâmayim piyhem uleshonâm tihalakh bâ'ârets

73:10 lâkhên yâshiybh[yâshubh] `ammo halom umêy mâlê' yimmâtsu lâmo

73:11 ve'âmeru'êykhâh yâdha`-'êl veyêsh dê`âh bhe`elyon

73:12 hinnêh-'êlleh reshâ`iymveshalvêy `olâm hisgu-châyil

73:13 'akh-riyq zikkiythiy lebhâbhiy vâ'erchatsbeniqqâyon kappây

73:14 vâ'ehiy nâghua` kol-hayyom vethokhachtiylabbeqâriym

73:15 'im-'âmartiy 'asapperâh khemo hinnêh dhor bâneykhabhâghâdhtiy

73:16 vâ'achashebhâh lâdha`ath zo'th `âmâl hiy' [hu'] bhe`êynây

73:17 `adh-'âbho' 'el-miqdeshêy-'êl 'âbhiynâh le'achariythâm

73:18 'akhbachalâqoth tâshiyth lâmo hippaltâm lemashu'oth

73:19 'êykh hâyu leshammâhkherâgha` sâphu thammu min-ballâhoth

73:20 kachalom mêhâqiyts 'adhonây.bâ`iyr tsalmâm tibhzeh

73:21 kiy yithchammêts lebhâbhiy vekhilyothay 'eshtonân

73:22 va'aniy-bha`ar velo' 'êdhâ` behêmoth hâyiythiy `immâkh

73:23 va'aniythâmiydh `immâkh 'âchaztâ beyadh-yemiyniy

73:24 ba`atsâthkha thanchêniyve'achar kâbhodh tiqqâchêniy

73:25 miy-liy bhashâmâyim ve`immekha lo'-châphatstiy bhâ'ârets

73:26 kâlâh she'êriy ulebhâbhiy tsur-lebhâbhiy vechelqiy'elohiym le`olâm

73:27 kiy-hinnêh rechêqeykha yo'bhêdhu hitsmattâh kol-zoneh mimmekhâ

73:28 va'aniy qirabhath 'elohiym liy-thobh shattiyba'dhonây Adonay machsiy lesappêr kol-mal'akhotheykha

This version of the psalms is from the Jewish Publication Society (JPS),
a translation of the Hebrew Bible published in 1917.

The text is in the public domain.

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